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Jo Maris

M&A Expert

T +32 497 51 54 71

E jo.maris@davinci-cf.be

Jo has worked as a tax consultant since 1995, advising various (multinational) companies. As a tax manager, he has provided personal income tax, corporation tax, inheritance and financial planning services. From 2008 the focus has shifted to succession planning particularly business transition. At a former leading Belgian estate planner, Jo was one of the driving forces behind the M&A Family Business Department. Jo also covers the legal aspects of business transfer, as business transfer involves much more than purely tax matters. Since 2008, Jo has advised numerous businesses on the succession and transfer of their businesses.

Jo was educated at the Catholic University of Brussels (KUB) and EHSL (now KUL), where in the senior years of his Master of Commercial Sciences degree, he specialised in Taxation, later becoming a Certified Accountant and Tax Consultant (IAB).

As a fully certified and recognised IAB consultant, Jo continually keeps his knowledge current with annual education courses and advanced training on tax and legal matters.

Within DaVinci, Jo with his accumulated experience and know-how, plays the role of the technical support person on the various business transfers.

Jo is a member of BAB Brabant and has built up a network within various professional associations and entrepreneurs clubs including VMA FWBO, Brabant Business Club and JCI West Brabant.

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